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Empire Solar Systems have installed thousands of solar panels all across Sydney and New South Wales, saving thousands of dollars for all of our customers.

The sooner you get solar panels installed, the more money you will save. Solar panels are a future proof investment, which will pay themselves off and save you even more over time. Electricity costs are only going to get more and more expensive and increasingly over time.

Solar Panel Installation

Empire Solar Systems have installed panels for over 12 years combined. We are skilled and experienced in many different installations, including household, business and commercial. We accomodate and adapt to all different kinds of installations, whether it’s through our recommend setup based on your household or business’s needs. We always work up to the safest standards and ensure the quality of our work is at the carried out with the most professional standards.

Hybrid Solar Systems and Batteries

Empire Solar Systems installs hybrid solar systems that have batteries to store excess generated energy, which is drained when needed by your household.

Solar Analysis and Design

Empire Solar Systems specialises in tailoring suitable and efficient systems based on your household or business’s needs, through in depth analysis of power consumption and production.

Adding to Existing Solar Systems

Empire Solar Systems can add or extend off your existing solar system, It is common for systems to be upgraded to include batteries that store over-generated electricity.

Solar Monitoring

Empire Solar Systems can install technology to monitor in real-time your solar system’s performance from software such as a mobile device application. This helps with the detection and diagnosis of faults or underperformance. Furthermore, you will see insights into household energy usage and how much you are buying or selling back to the grid.

Solar Maintenance

Empire Solar Systems offers a full solar maintenance service including performance reports, fault checking and review of all connections and junctions, panel cleaning and inverter testing.

Solar Repairs

Empire Solar Systems use the latest tools to comprehensively find any faults or other issues with solar panels and inverters. We carry out repairs that will get your solar powers back online producing energy for your household or business most efficiently.

Commercial Solar

Empire Solar Systems installs solar panel systems for any kilowatt size, for all sized-businesses, community organisations and schools.


solar panel installation
Solar panels
solar monitoring
Solar monitoring
solar maintenance
Solar maintenance
adding to existing solar systems
Adding to systems
solar batteries
Solar batteries
solar panels repair
Solar repairs


Empire solar systems start from only $3999. Contact us to find out more.


About us

With over 16 years combined experience installing solar panels in Sydney, throughout New South Wales and Australia wide. Empire Solar Systems provides a professional, reliable and affordable service with a real focus on customer satisfaction! You can rely on us for your next proper solar installation.

  • 1000’s of solar installations
  • Australian owned and operated
  • 12 month installation warranty
  • Public liability of $20 million
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • All installs are in house, we do not use subcontractors
  • Domestic and commercial experience


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  • Why get solar panels?

    Solar technology is an investment that produces green energy which will reduce the cost of your electricity bill, especially with prices rising year on year. The sooner you install, the more you will save.

  • What system will I need?

    Solar systems are chosen based on how much electricity you use, your budget and other decisions, such as if you would like the benefits of battery storage. Contact us and we can select the most suitable system for you.

  • What is the cost for solar?

    The cost of solar depends on various factors, including the property type, daily electricity usage and usage of electricity during the day. The quickest and easiest way to get a price is through getting in contact with us.

  • Solar on cloudy days or night time?

    Solar panels only produce electricity while there is sunlight. On cloudy days, smaller amounts electricity will be generated, while none at night. Battery storage solutions will store excess generated electricity, which will be drained during periods like these.

  • What is a solar inverter?

    An inverter converts DC electricity produced by your solar panels into AC electricity which is used by your household.

  • What does a solar battery do?

    Solar batteries store any excess energy produced by your solar panels, rather than sending it back to the electricity grid. When your solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity for your home or at night, your solar system will draw power from the energy stored in the battery.


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Empire Solar Systems installs quality commercial and residential Solar Panel Installations across Sydney for your business and home. Please Call 0423216421 or 0413560034 for a free quote on a solar system. We offer Government rebates, Renewable energy solutions, Battery storage, Solar energy, cheap solar panel, Clean energy council approved installers, Solar installation rebates, 5kW-100kW Solar Power Systems at an affordable price.

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